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Ready for hot femdom humiliation at the hands of Humiliatrix?

Humiliation videos
Chastity cage lockdown, tickling and taunting, tease and denial, wishlist exortion, jerk off humiliation...
After keeping you caged in chastity for an entire week, Princess Tiffani knows she's got you exactly where she wants you: panting, gasping, pleading and moaning for your pathetic release, right in the palm of her precum-drenched hand. Ready to be tickled and taunted?
Ready to do anything Princess Tiffani commands?
No matter how humiliating?
Maybe if you deplete her wishlist, she'll unsnap you from your cage and let you deplete your... your... "Ooh! Oh! P-P-Princess Tiffani!" Beg to make your worship puddle, loser.
Go on. Start pleading with your Humiliatrix.


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Emasculation, verbal humiliation, sissy chastity, panty humiliation, ass worship, forced masturbation.
She was head cheerleader, prom queen and the hottest, meanest girl in school.
You were a dorky little nobody to her - until she found out about the jerk-off shrine you made to her in your room, and humiliated you in front of the entire school for it.
Now, at your high school reunion, you might think you've become a big man and a success, but to cruel Ice Princess Rhianna, you're still just the pathetic little dweeb who wants to slime her cheerleader panties with your loser goo.
In these humiliatrix videos, she's going to force you to do it, for real, as she mocks and belittles you.


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Chastity cage torment, keyholder tease, lollipop licking, giggling at your frustration.
You know you're in for an ordeal when drop-dead gorgeous, 19-year-old mall brat Princess Genni is dangling the key to your cock lock.
She taps your penis prison with the key in a cruel game of "knock-knock."
She traces the tips of her long fingernails along your aching blueballs, giggling and sneering at your distress.
She stares you in the eye and lavishes a lollipop with her devil-girl tongue.
If you want your release today, you better beg, plead and do anything your cruel keyholder commands.

small penis humiliation
Princess JadeTeases and Trashtalks Your Tiny Pecker
Super-bitchy bikini-clad Humiliatrix Princess Jade teases you, taunts you, arouses you and mercilessly denies you, as she trashtalks that worthless little festering pimple between your legs. All you can do is cower in shame and humiliation as you listen to Jade's girlfriends whisper back and forth about you, belittling your manhood, giggling at you and finally exploding into girlish laugher at what a pathetic little wimp you are.
If you're tiny and you know it and you really want to blow it, unzip and tune into this video now.
Humiliation videos

Your three heartless pimptresses

(Kimmy, Elle and Sadie) have been waiting for you in the alleyway. Cornered, you have no choice but to listen as they totally humiliate you. They explain how you're going to be put to work tonight to earn them more money. The girls laugh and giggle as they tell you how you'll be used, filled with a strangers cock and covered in his cum just so you can bring all the cash back to your cruel pimptresses. As you listen to the humiliating details, Elle takes a call from a guy arranging to purchase you for a night of action. You have to stand there in front of the three hot girls as they arrange to sell you for sex with a complete stranger.
Humiliation videos

You've been busted!

Cruel Girlfriend Becky has found your porn stash and she is furious! She's been waiting for you to walk back into the apartment with the intention of giving you the worst punishment you have ever had. She's locking your pathetic little cock away into a chastity device and the only way you can earn your release is by getting down on your sissy knees, and putting your pretty lipsticked lips around a stream of hungry cocks. Becky has arranged for a group of her most desperate, unattractive male friends to come over to fill your throat with their cum. You're going to have to suck cock after cock if you ever want to get out of your little cock prison.
Humiliation videos

Forced-Bi Cucky Sitter

Stunning cheating girlfriend Nina Leigh is going out with her real man tonight which means you're having another night in waiting for her to come home. This time you're not going to be alone though cucky because Nina's new man has a friend who's going to cucky-sit for her. You're going to have you're very own cuckysitter for the night. The only problem is your cucky-sitter is a guy who loves to fuck sissies! Nina is going to dress you up all cute and pretty. Cute pink girlie socks, a pretty bra and panty set - you're going to look so adoreable as you're getting fucked by your cucky-sitter!