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having someone else in control of your pleasure is the biggest reward

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Chastity slave
The Special Chair Part 2
In the second Part Herrin Renée takes some nipple clamps and tortures her small tits. Lady Estelle cant stand the helpless screaming anymore and She is also she looking for more fun! So she gagged the slut with a ball and starts a hard CBT play on the shaved and pierced dick… In the end the 2 merciless Ladies leave helpless Chantal bound, gagged and fucked on the Chair for the rest of the night!


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denied orgasm

Keeping her chastity slave's cock locked up makes Megan hot, and she can't resist masturbating. Kept denied for weeks, her bound slave can't help but get an erection, despite Megan's instructions not to. To punish him for his disobedience, Megan decides to intensify his frustration with
more tease & denial training.

Megan gives the poor boy a slow, teasing handjob, then teases his swollen cock with a feather duster and a vibrator. Each time he's about to cum she stops and ruins his chance to have an orgasm.

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Pony Play with Lady Estelle

A new experience for the Chastity slave Slut: Treated as an animal!

Very funny for the lady and hard for Chantal.


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jerk off school

Jerk off school

Vanessa tells you how to jerk that cock! Follow her instructions closely!



tease and denial

Janessa and Mandy have Buck right where they want him... underneath them on the bed where he can't cause trouble. The girls are giggling and tormenting Buck with a Fleshlight. They use the plastic pussy to bring him right to the edge but deny his orgasm over and over.

All this teasing makes Janessa and Mandy so hot they can't resist sucking each others nipples and stroking each other's pussies. Buck is forced to lay there, frustrated and aching, while the two girls have huge orgasms.

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horny teasing

Janessa and Mandy are horny, and decide to wake Buck up to play. They tease him with their beautiful bodies while slowly jerking his cock.

The girls can't stop from touching each other, and seeing these beautiful women make love to each other drives Buck crazy. He tries to take matters into his own hands, but Janessa won't let him cum.

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Young Maya didn't need any special instructions from the reigning queen of Tease & Denial. At age 19 Maya already had her own arsenal off cockteasing tricks! She had this guy showing precum in the first 2 minutes! He was so enamored with her that she took advantage of it and wrenched and yanked his balls and cock around viciously. FUCKING GREAT SEXY COCKTEASE. Includes CBT, Facesitting, Smothering and all around Brattiness by Maya.
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cock denial handjob
18-year-old Princess Chloe takes control of this losers cock and keeps him on edge begging to cum. All CFNM tease and denial handjob.
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Foot slave



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Wicked Hearts Boutique

Wicked Hearts Boutique

Wicked Hearts Boutique